Karachi, Pakistan

Vision 2020

  1. Committed to create a unique rewarding work environment
  2. Work that gives a sense of purpose
  3. A culture of inclusiveness and acceptance
  4. Workday also knows how to party
  5. Cherish the chance to improve lives
  6. Unique perks
  7. Opportunities are absolutely endless
  8. A visible sign of commitment to developing team
  9. Leadership efforts to answer client’s last minutes’ questions
  10. Encouraging team members to put their family first.
  11. Submission of business ideas by the team.
  12. Diverse workplace for minorities
  13. Team find out the best way to do things
  14. Important and meaningful work
  15. Everyone knows where we are going
  16. Giving time to underprivileged every year
  17. Knowing actual client work
  18. Gift cards and gifts
  19. Pursuing professional development
  20. Name badges and orientation
  21. Team as vital assets
  22. Veteran recognition after 15 years
  23. Truly feel lucky to work here
  24. Team believe in potential growth here
  25. List of team expertise
  26. Horizontal Hierarchy of the organization should shine
  27. Recognition workshops
  28. Half day off on birthdays
  29. Safe work environment
  30. Insurance plans
  31. Do what is right and build a better future
  32. Making morale extremely high
  33. Party on Bonus days
  34. Reward on innovative ideas
  35. Allowance to work remotely
  36. Allowance for creating a work schedule
  37. Innovate irrespective of role, level or seniority
  38. 5 days’ work – one-day CPD
  39. Team members connected to each other
  40. Teams to be treated like professionals
  41. Part tuition/ training reimbursements
  42. Giving company vehicles in need
  43. Health care benefits
  44. Work/ Life Balance
  45. Every voice matters
  46. Flexible work arrangement
  47. Company principles aren’t just words on the wall. We use them every day
  48. Encourage to pursue whatever interests you personally
  49. Tenure certificates to long timers with cool prizes
  50. Leadership training opportunities that are unmatched.
  51. Juniors should feel empowered by senior leadership to take ownership and propose ideas.
  52. Trusting leadership and Management